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Cornelius Fudge Up For Trial

Ex Minister of Magic Up for Trial

Today the Daily Prophet has received intelligence from the ministry that the Ex-minister for magic Cornelius Fudge is being put up for trail.

This decision was made after continuous requests made by several people, including Cornelius himself, to have a trial.

The trial is to discover whether he will be requested special permission to continue to work in the ministry.

If they vote in favour of him when the date of the trial is established then he will go back to work. They are still deliberating where to allow him to work in Broom Regulatory Control or the Portkey Office.

We spoke to some that will be at the trial and they told us, “We can’t be sure but the current minister is determined to foresee a full-blown trial. We are hoping that the evidence that is presented is enough because of all the people expecting to see him back at work. We also believe that helping Cornelius get back to work will be even more secure and healthy for him as he will be so close to the minister and her support staff.”

Let’s hope that when the trial date and time are revealed we will be able to report the news right from the court to your paper.

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