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Another Memory Reveled – The Forbidden Ritual of Tom Riddle

As the Ministry of Magic delves deeper into the memories encapsulated within the crystal pensive from the Crystal Cave, a new memory has come to light, revealing an ominous ritual never before witnessed by the Wizarding community.

The scene unfolds in the Forbidden Forest, bathed in moonlight. Tom Riddle, flanked by a few unidentified followers, stands in the center of a stone circle, marked with runes that glow an eerie blue. Their haunting luminescence casts an otherworldly glow on the participants.

At the center of the circle is a stone pedestal, upon which rests a peculiar silver dagger, encrusted with blood-red gems. Riddle’s voice, steady but chilling, intones an incantation that has never been documented in any magical text known to wizardkind. As his chant rises in fervor, the dagger levitates, spinning rapidly above the pedestal, radiating dark energy that seems to absorb the very light around it.

One by one, his followers step forward, allowing Riddle to make a small incision on their palms with the floating dagger. Their blood drips onto the pedestal, each drop sizzling and merging with the stone, intensifying the glow of the runes.

As the ritual reaches its climax, a spectral figure appears above the stone circle—a serpent, immense and terrifying, with eyes that mirror the same eerie blue of the runes. It coils around Riddle, who looks up with a triumphant smirk, his eyes reflecting the serpent’s mesmerizing glow.

The memory abruptly ends there, leaving the Legilimens from the Ministry reeling from the intensity of the scene.

The discovery of this dark ritual has triggered widespread concern. The exact nature and purpose of the ritual remain unknown, but its implications are undeniably dire. Some speculate it’s a rite of passage or allegiance for the followers of the one who would become Lord Voldemort, while others fear it’s a forbidden spell to gain immense power or immortal life.

The Ministry has issued a statement urging the Wizarding World to remain calm. “We are collaborating with the best magical historians and spell experts to decipher the meaning and potential consequences of this ritual,” stated Minister Hermione Granger. “Rest assured, every measure will be taken to ensure the safety and security of our community.”

With the memories from the crystal pensive continuing to unravel, the Wizarding World remains on edge, wondering what other secrets lie within the mind of Tom Riddle.

For continued coverage on this chilling discovery, turn to the Daily Prophet.

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