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Lumos is the incantation for the illumination charm, which allows the caster of the spell to light the tip of their wand. Lumos is especially useful in dark places like castle corridors, caves and abandoned buildings.

/lo͞o mōs/


Lumos History

Lumos, the illumination charm was created in the 18th Century by Levina, the creator of the charm in 1772 to assist her in looking for a lost quill that found its way into a dusty corner.

Interestingly enough, Garvin Lugner claimed to have been the originator and inventor of Lumos while developing his instant darkness powder. Later it was found that Lugner had lied about being the originator and creator of the Lumos charm.

The Lumos spell is usually taught in the first year of Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms classes at Hogwarts. The charm can be found in detail in the book – Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection.

It’s important to note that when Lumos is used incorrectly it runs the risk of accidentally igniting the users wand and other objects around them. In addition, Lumos and other light emitted by wands is able to repel ghosts and other spectral forces, causing them to flee. Lastly, Lumos can also reveal hidden doorways and magical architecture guarded by magical spells that hide them.

People Also Ask

What Does Lumos Solem Mean
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What does Lumos Solem Mean?

Lumos Solem is the charm used to produce a flash of bright and blinding sunlight that renders the recipient of the incantation stunned and without the ability to see.

What does Lumos Maxima Mean?

Lumos Maxima is the incantation and charm that is also used to produce a bright and blinding flash of sunlight but is not as strong as it’s higher spell form, Lumos Solem.