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<strong>Disapparate</strong> means to travel from a location magically. It often causes a pop, or a loud cracking sound. Could cause spliching if done incorrectly. The first part of apparation.


<strong class=”uk-h2″>Disapparate History</strong>

The Department of Magical Transportation requires a licence for wizards to apparate, which, to obtain a wizard must have reached the age of 17 and pass the Apparition test without spliching. Other creatures are also able to apparate, including house elves and phoenixes, these creatures are also able to apparate places where a wizard would be blocked from doing so due to Anti-Apparition and Anti-Disapparition jinxes.

<strong class=”uk-h2″>People Also Ask</strong>

<a href=”#whatdoesitmeantogetsplinched”>What does it mean to get splinched?</a>

<h2 id=”whatdoesitmeantogetsplinched”>What does it mean to get splinched?</h2>
Getting splinched is when a witch or wizard tries to apparate unsuccessfully, leaving part of their body at their original location and the rest at the destination.