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Department of Magical Transportation

The Department of Magical Transportation is the department of the Ministry of Magic responsible for the various ways of transport by magical means. The department offices are located on level six of the British Ministry of Magic Headquarters.

de·part·ment of mag·i·cal law trans·por·ta·tion
/dəˈpärt’mənt əv maj’ə’kəl tran’spər’tā’SHən/

Department of Magical Transportation History

The Department of Magical Transportation contains four major divisions, as well as a few smaller divisions. The Floo Network Authority sets up and maintains the Floo Network and regulates the distribution of Floo powder to the magical community. The Floo Network connects all wizarding buildings through their fireplaces, and on occasion creates temporary connections to a Muggle building. The Broom Regulatory Control creates the requirements for a wizard to use and ride a broom, and will confiscate any broom that has been deemed dangerous by the Broom Regulatory Control. The Portkey Office handles the objects that are turned into portkeys, and also regulates the portkey network, it operates in a similar matter to the Floo Network Authority. The Apparition Test Centre is responsible for testing wizards for their apparition license, and also for giving apparition lessons to those who desire to test for their license.

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Who is responsible for various aspects of magical transport?

The department responsible for various aspects of magical transport is the Department of Magical Transportation, including the regulation of the Floo Network, Broomsticks, Portkeys, and Apparition.

What is it called in Harry Potter when they transport?

In Harry Potter when they transport it’s called apparition

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You get into the ministry of magic through a cleverly disguised entrance that looks like an abandoned red phone booth. To actually enter the ministry, a visitor must enter the phone booth, dial the numerical equivalent of “Magic” which is 62442, follow the prompts of the operator, collect your visitors pass and hold tight as you descent through the floor into the atrium of the Ministry of Magic.