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A being is one of the three categories used in classifying the magical creatures that reside in the wizarding world. The definition used to determine if a creature is a being is: a creature that has intelligence enough to comprehend the laws of the wizarding community and to be a part of shaping those laws.


History of Being

Defining a being has history with many difficulties. During the fourteenth century, when the Chief of the Wizards’ Council, Burdock Muldoon attempted his definition of a being, he said any member of the magical community walking on two legs should be considered a being. However, when Muldoon held a summit for all beings to discuss new proposed magical laws, he realized two legs does not constitute a being. At this summit, goblins brought every creature with two legs they could find including Augureys, Diricawls, Fairies, Fwoopers, Pixies, and Trolls, chaos erupted when the trolls begun destruction of the chamber with their clubs. Muldoon’s successor, Elfrida Clagg made another attempt at redefining beings and beasts. Clagg’s definition stated magical creatures with the ability to speak the human language were beings, this definition still had problems, as Jarveys attempted to tear ankles of the Council members, Trolls destroyed the chambers (again), and ghosts left in disgust due to the Council’s focus on the needs of the living over the needs of the dead and the Centaurs protested due to Merpeople being excluded (as they cannot be understood above water). Finally, in 1811 the Minister for Magic Grogan Stump created the current definition, as well as definitions and divisions for the other two classifications of creatures.