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Reginald Cattermole

Reginald Cattermole

reg·i·nald cat·ter·mole /ˈrɛdʒɪnəld ˈkætərmoʊl/

Reginald “Reg” Cattermole is a wizard who works at the Ministry of Magic, specifically within the Magical Maintenance Department.

Reginald Cattermole Biography & History

Reg Cattermole is a lesser-known wizard in the magical community, mainly recognized for his role at the Ministry of Magic during a tumultuous period of its history.

Ministry of Magic Career

Reg worked in the Magical Maintenance Department, where he was responsible for regulating aspects related to the magical climate inside the Ministry building.

Imperius Curse Victim

Reg was notably under the Imperius Curse when Harry, Ron, and Hermione infiltrated the Ministry of Magic in disguise. Harry impersonated Reg using Polyjuice Potion during this mission.

Reginald Cattermole’s Magical Abilities & Skills

Magical Maintenance

Having worked in the Magical Maintenance Department, Reginald was skilled at managing and adjusting the atmospheric conditions inside the Ministry.

People Close to Him

  • Mary Cattermole: His wife, who faced a trial for being Muggle-born during the height of Voldemort’s influence over the Ministry. Harry Potter helped her escape this predicament.
  • Their three children: Reg and Mary have three young kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who impersonated Reginald Cattermole at the Ministry of Magic?

Harry Potter used Polyjuice Potion to take on his appearance.

Why was Mary Cattermole on trial at the Ministry?

She was accused of being a Muggle-born witch during the time when such individuals were persecuted under Voldemort’s influence over the Ministry.

Which department did Reginald work in at the Ministry?

He worked in the Magical Maintenance Department.

Famous Quotes

Reginald Cattermole’s character does not have any particularly famous quotes in the canonical texts, as his presence is relatively brief.

Fun Trivia Questions About Reginald Cattermole

Question: Why did Harry, Ron, and Hermione infiltrate the Ministry of Magic during which Harry impersonated Reg?
Answer: To retrieve Slytherin’s locket, one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, from Dolores Umbridge.

Question: How did Ron Weasley assist Mary Cattermole during her escape from the Ministry?

Answer: He pretended to be an informant and told her to leave the country with her family.

Question: How did Reginald react when he saw “himself” (Harry in disguise) inside the Ministry?

Answer: He was confused and alarmed, being under the influence of the Imperius Curse at the time.