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Penelope Clearwater

Penelope Clearwater

pen·uh·lopee cleer·wah·ter /ˌpɛnəˈloʊpi ˈklɪrˌwɔːtər/

Penelope Clearwater is a British witch who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Ravenclaw House. She is perhaps best known for her relationship with Percy Weasley and as one of the individuals petrified during the events of the Chamber of Secrets.

Penelope Clearwater Biography & History

Attending Hogwarts School during the same time as the famous Harry Potter, Penelope’s time at school was marked by various significant events.

Ravenclaw Prefect

Penelope was made a Prefect for Ravenclaw House, showcasing her qualities of leadership and her adherence to the rules and ideals of the school.

Chamber of Secrets

In her sixth year at Hogwarts, during the events surrounding the opening of the Chamber of Secrets, Penelope was one of the students who were petrified by the basilisk. Fortunately, she was later revived by a Mandrake Restorative Draught.

Penelope Clearwater’s Magical Abilities & Skills

Though specifics of her magical proficiencies are not extensively detailed in the canonical texts, her role as a Prefect indicates she was a competent witch who excelled in her studies.

People Close to Her

  • Percy Weasley: Penelope dated Percy Weasley during their time at Hogwarts. Percy, who was a Prefect and later Head Boy for Gryffindor, was very secretive about their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which house was Penelope Clearwater sorted into at Hogwarts?

She was sorted into Ravenclaw.

Why was Penelope Clearwater petrified during her time at Hogwarts?

She saw the reflection of the basilisk’s eyes through her mirror, causing her to be petrified rather than killed.

Who was Penelope’s boyfriend at Hogwarts?

She dated Percy Weasley.

Famous Quotes

Penelope doesn’t have widely cited quotes from the canonical texts; her character is more in the background, known primarily for her connection to the Chamber of Secrets events and her relationship with Percy.

Fun Trivia Questions About Penelope Clearwater

Question: What prevented Penelope Clearwater from being killed by the basilisk’s gaze?
Answer: She saw its eyes through a mirror and was only petrified.

Question: Which Weasley was Penelope romantically involved with?

Answer: Percy Weasley.

Question: What position did Penelope hold in Ravenclaw during her later years at Hogwarts?

Answer: She was a Prefect for Ravenclaw House.