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Frank Bryce

Frank Bryce

frank bryce /fræŋk braɪs/

Frank Bryce was a Muggle who served as the caretaker of the Riddle House in the village of Little Hangleton. He became unintentionally entangled in the Wizarding World, ultimately leading to his tragic death at the hands of Lord Voldemort.

Frank Bryce Biography & History

Frank Bryce was born around 1917 and served in the Second World War. After the war, he became the gardener and caretaker of the Riddle House, where he was wrongly suspected of the murder of the Riddle family.

Childhood and Early Life

Not much is known about Frank’s early life, but he did serve as a soldier during World War II, which left him with a permanent limp.

Caretaker of the Riddle House

Frank was the gardener and caretaker of the Riddle House, where Tom Riddle’s Muggle family lived. After their mysterious deaths, he was initially arrested but was released due to lack of evidence.

Encounter with Voldemort

Many years later, Frank overheard a conversation between Lord Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew inside the Riddle House. When he was discovered, Voldemort killed him with the Avada Kedavra curse.

Frank Bryce’s Non-Magical Abilities & Skills


Frank’s role as a gardener showcased his skills in maintaining the grounds of the Riddle House.

People Close to Him

  • Villagers of Little Hangleton: Although he was a subject of suspicion and gossip among them, they were his community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Frank Bryce?

He was the Muggle caretaker of the Riddle House.

Was Frank Bryce involved in the Wizarding World?

Only as an unsuspecting victim; he had no knowledge of magic until his encounter with Voldemort.

What happened to Frank Bryce?

He was killed by Voldemort.

Famous Quotes

No specific quotes from Frank Bryce are widely attributed to him in the canonical texts.

Fun Trivia Questions About Frank Bryce

Question: What role did Frank Bryce have at the Riddle House?
Answer: He was the gardener and caretaker.

Question: Why was Frank Bryce suspected in the deaths of the Riddle family?

Answer: He was the one who discovered the bodies, and the lack of physical evidence led to suspicion falling on him.

Question: How did Frank Bryce die?

Answer: He was killed by Lord Voldemort using the Avada Kedavra curse.