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Second Elder Wand

Second Elder Wand: Beginning of another end or end of apoclypse?

The wand found in the recently discovered chamber of Godric Gryffindor is indeed the brother of the elder wand.

Although the ministry has been trying to keep the information much to themselves, the news has been confirmed through the inside resources of The Daily Prophet that it is in fact the twin of the infamous wand which was a vital cause of the second wizarding war.

The first elder was however as we know destroyed by the chosen one during the war.

This one, as we know for now, is a result of a distorted timeline caused by unorthodox time travelers such as Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy and Delphini Diggory themselves who have tried to alter events from the certain past that would most evidently change the calculations of the present.

Whether it was the same event or not, is still unclear. But it is sure that this confirmation is churning all around the wizarding world with the possibility of a renewed authority conflict.

Although the Malfoys’ have come to terms and are said to have mended their ways, the lure of power is irresistible. A

nd it is known to all that Harry Potter himself had dark qualities within him while at Hogwarts, serving as the last Horcrux.

Can we be sure it was only a part of of Voldemort that was directing him and not his own demons? Especially now that the youngest Potter has achieved quite a notorious yet powerful reputation.

Are we looking at another savior with extraordinary intelligence or just another power greedy dictator?

The Prophet has reached out to the Potters and The Malfoys for more details but they like the ministry have refused to provide us with any further light on the matter.

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