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Christmas Parade in Muggle Cities

Christmas Parade in Muggle Cities!

After 2 YEARS of being quarantined since the “covid-19” outbreak, muggles from all over the WORLD comes together to celebrate their annual Christmas Parade!

People from far and wide, different nations, cultures, and races have joined each other to watch and celebrate their once-a-year Christmas Parade ever since their pandemic of the fairly new Covid-19 spreading. Muggles of all ages go to watch “floats” with different sights, such as dancers, famous singers, your favorite Disney Characters, and even St. Nicholas himself. “It’s always a blast taking my 5-year-old sons to the parade so they can see their favorite characters,” says Molly Preston, a local 20-year-old with 2 5-year-old boys.

One day I want to go and witness one of these amazing parades, experiencing what other muggles do and bonding with non-witches and/or wizards. But for now, a girl can only hope.

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