Department of Magical Law Enforcement

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement is the largest of the departments at The Ministry of Magic, and is considered by most to be the most important department, as all other departments (except the Department of Mysteries) answer to this one. The department is used to uphold the laws of the wizarding world, and does so through its many sub-departments. Located on Level Two of the Ministry.

de·part·ment of mag·i·cal law en·force·ment
/dəˈpärt’mənt əv maj’ə’kəl lô ənˈfôrs’mənt/

Department of Magical Law Enforcement History

The first Minister for Magic, Ulick Gamp, created the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and it has been deemed his greatest accomplishment. The Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has a substantial amount of power, such as in the 1970s when Bartemius Crouch Senior made the Unforgivable Curses permissible for Aurors to use, and also sentenced suspected Death Eaters to Azkaban without trial. There are many subdivisions in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, some of the main divisions are the Auror Office, Improper Use of Magic Office, and Wizengamot Administration Services, as well as many other smaller subdivisions. In 2014, Hermione Granger took a position as Deputy Head of the Department and proceeded to help weed out the pro-pure-blood laws that were in effect. The current head of the Department is Harry Potter.

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Who is the head of Magical Law Enforcement?
What are the departments in the Ministry of Magic?
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Who is the head of Magical Law Enforcement?

The head of magical law enforcement is Pius Thicknesse, who became the head of Magical Law Enforcement only after a failed term as the Minister of Magic while under Voldemort’s imperious curse.

What are the departments in the Ministry of Magic?

The Departments in the Ministry of Magic include the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, the Department of International Magical Cooperation, the Department of Magical Transportation, the Department of Magical Games and Sports, and the Department of Mysteries.

How do you get into the Ministry of Magic?

You get into the ministry of magic through a cleverly disguised entrance that looks like an abandoned red phone booth. To actually enter the ministry, a visitor must enter the phone booth, dial the numerical equivalent of “Magic” which is 62442, follow the prompts of the operator, collect your visitors pass and hold tight as you descent through the floor into the atrium of the Ministry of Magic.

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