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Cornish Pixies

A Cornish Pixies is Charms used to hides things from view, and blur the intrinsic magical attributes of objects.

Corn·ish Pix·ies
/kən’sēlmənt CHärm/

Cornish Pixies History
Concealment Charms have been used to to hide from the Muggle world for centuries. Azkaban was hidden by the dark wizard Ekrizdis in the 15th century so he could torture Muggles in peace, after his death, the charms eventually wore off and the wizarding authorities found and acknowledged the island’s existence. Another famous use of the concealment charm was around 1793-1794, when French wizard Vincent Duc de Trefle-Picques escaped execution by performing a concealment charm on his own neck and acting as though he had already been decapitated. The largest mass Concealment Charm in history occurred in the early 20th century when Minister for Magic Ottaline Gambol permitted an undercover operation to obtain a train as a transport to and from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for students at the start and end of terms. The operation to obtain the train required one hundred and sixty-seven Memory Charms, and the largest mass Concealment Charm cast in Britain, as well as leaving several Muggle railway workers with the uneasy feeling that they had mislaid something important.