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What Is a Cornish Pixie?

What Is a Cornish Pixie

A Cornish Pixie is a mischievous, ill-behaved creature that causes serious amounts of damage when not restrained, known for wreaking havoc in professor lockharts classroom during Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

Cornish Pixie History

In Cornwall in the 17th century, Dymphna Furmage, a witch on holiday, was abducted by Pixies. This led to a lifelong fear of them, which drove her to request that the British Ministry of Magic humanely eradicate the pixie species.


Cornish Pixie Etymology

c. 1630, of obscure origin, perhaps from or related to Swedish dialect pyske “small fairy,” but West County origin suggests ultimate source in Cornwall and thus something Celtic. Earliest references were in pixy-path “bewilderment,” literally “path on which one is led astray by pixies,” and pixie-led “lost.”