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Chudley Cannons

Chudley Cannons are An English Quidditch team, based in Chudley, and plays in the British and Irish Quidditch League. They have won the League Cup 21 times to date, most recently in 1892, causing many people to believe their glory days are over.

Chud·ley Can·nons
/CHəd’lē kanəns/

Chudley Cannons History
In 1892, the Chudley Cannons won the League for their 21st, and last time. The Cannons then won the Josef Wronski Award for Excellent Pitch Skills in 1931. The team played in the International Quidditch Tournament in 1972, and the team changed their official team motto from “We shall conquer” to “Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.” In the 1990’s the Cannons were infamous for their Seeker Galvin Gudgeon’s poor performance, especially in their 1998 game against the Appleby Arrows, during which the Snitch bounced off his nose twice. However, the following year, in February 1999, the Cannons broke a 16-game losing streak when they ended a match against the Caerphilly Catapults with a draw. Then, in June 1999, the Cannons again ended their losing streak with a win against the Wigtown Wanderers, which Ragmar Dorkins stated to the Daily Prophet was “the happiest day of my life.” Dorkins reportedly collapsed in shock when the Cannons won their second game in a row in October 1999 against the Falmouth Falcons.