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A Chaser One of the player positions in the Wizarding sport Quidditch. They are the players on the team that try to control the Quaffle and score points by getting it past the opposing team’s Keeper and through the goal hoops. There are three chasers per team.


Chaser History
Chaser was the first position to be created in Quidditch, though they were at that time known as Catchers, and the entirety of the game used to be players scoring goals. In 1884, a major change was made in the rules so that only one of the team’s Chasers was allowed to enter the scoring area whilst attempting to score a goal, this rule was made to halt Stooging in the game, and introduced Stooging as a foul. Other common fouls Chasers may commit are Haversacking and Quafflepocking. Chasers in the modern era of the game use moves such as the Hawkshead Attacking Formation, Parkin’s Pincer, Porskoff Ploy, and the Reverse Pass, to name a few.