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Centaurs are A species that appears as a human head, torso, and arms connected on a horse’s body. They are an individual species, meaning they are not half-breeds. Known for being naturally gifted in healing magic, divination, and astronomy. Classified as a beast, despite their high intelligence, due to a request by the Centaurs to be reclassified from “being” status, as they disliked the idea of sharing status with dark creatures such as hags and vampires.


Centaurs History
Centaurs are known to be forest-dwellers, and wherever colonies exist, wizarding authorities set aside land for their exclusive use. Centaurs additionally have their own methods of keeping themselves concealed from the outside world, and generally avoid interaction with wizards and muggles alike. Centaurs are a proud species, and are prone to anger when one hints at them being employed by humankind for the human’s interests. Centaurs are also very territorial, and have been known to rescind offers of welcome into their lands. Centaurs are also known to be honourable, and will not willingly choose to harm the young, regardless of whether that young one is human, centaur, or another species.