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Borgin and Burkes

A Borgin and Burkes is An antique shop at 13B Knockturn Alley owned by Mr. Borgin and Mr. Burke. Known to specialize in unusual and ancient powerful objects. On occasion has been known to make shady dealing with qpowerful objects of Dark Magic origin.

Bor·gin and Burkes
/bɔr’gɛn ænd bɜrks/

Borgin and Burkes History
The Borgin and Burkes shop was established in 1863, and offered its services as a shop which gave “confidential valuation service for unusual and ancient wizarding artifacts, such as may have been inherited by the best wizarding families.” Around 1945, prior to his rise to power, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named began working in the store, and used the Dark Arts connections the store had to further his own studies. One day, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was sent to see a long time client of the store, and shortly after disappeared from wizard life until his rise to power began.