Blast Ended Skrewt

Black Ended Skrewt is A magical hybrid created by Rubeus Hagrid in autumn 1994. Created by crossbreeding Fire crabs with Manticores, they appear as a slimy deformed scorpion or lobster. Sparks fly out of their rear end and propel them forward on occasion. They start off around 15cm when they are newly hatched, and can grow to be around 3 metres long.

Blast En·ded Skrewt
/blast endəd skro͞ot/

Black Ended Skrewt History

Rubeus Hagrid began breeding these in autumn 1994, and it is likely they were bred specifically for the third challenge of the Triwizard Tournament in 1995. The males could be identified by their large stinger, and females by their suckers. Hagrid himself was never able to determine what or how they ate, as they had no discernible head or mouth. As the Blast-Ended Skrewts matured, they became quite lethal and nearly impervious to damage. The only spot on a skrewt which it could be successfully attacked was its soft underside. Matured skrewts often killed each other off, and due to this few survived into maturity. Several full-grown skrewts were placed inside the Triwizard Tournament maze, and after the Tournament it is unknown if any skrewts survived, but it is likely they have become extinct.

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