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Vincent Crabbe

Vincent Crabbe

vin·sent krab /ˈvɪnsənt kræb/

Vincent Crabbe is a British wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was sorted into Slytherin House. He was known primarily for his close association with Draco Malfoy and for often being partnered with Gregory Goyle.

Vincent Crabbe Biography & History

Crabbe’s time at Hogwarts was marked by his unwavering loyalty to Draco Malfoy, often serving as one of Draco’s henchmen alongside Goyle.

Role at Hogwarts

Crabbe, along with Goyle, was frequently seen as Draco Malfoy’s right-hand man, often involved in various plots and schemes orchestrated by Malfoy against Harry Potter and his friends.

Dark Activities

In their later years at Hogwarts, particularly during Voldemort’s ascent to power, Crabbe’s dark tendencies became more apparent. He and Goyle became even more aggressive and malicious, with Crabbe displaying knowledge of the Dark Arts, such as conjuring fiendfyre.

Vincent Crabbe’s Magical Abilities & Skills

Though often seen as just a henchman, Crabbe’s magical capabilities shouldn’t be underestimated. He notably showcased his ability to cast powerful spells, especially in the climactic events within the Room of Requirement.

People Close to Him

  • Draco Malfoy: Crabbe’s close associate throughout their time at Hogwarts.
  • Gregory Goyle: Often seen alongside Crabbe as part of Draco’s inner circle.
  • Blaise Zabini: Another member of Slytherin who was part of Malfoy’s group during their final year at Hogwarts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What house was Vincent Crabbe in?

He was sorted into Slytherin.

Who were Crabbe’s closest friends at Hogwarts?

He was close to Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle.

What dark spell did Crabbe use in the Room of Requirement?

He used Fiendfyre, a magical fire that can consume anything in its path.

Famous Quotes

Vincent Crabbe’s dialogues in the series often revolve around his allegiance to Malfoy and his disdain for Harry Potter. However, he isn’t known for any particularly famous quotes.

Fun Trivia Questions About Vincent Crabbe

Question: What is the destructive spell that Crabbe unleashed in the Room of Requirement?
Answer: Fiendfyre.

Question: Who are often referred to as Draco Malfoy’s “henchmen”?

Answer: Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle.

Question: In which house was Vincent Crabbe sorted during his time at Hogwarts?

Answer: Slytherin House.