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Ignotus Peverell

Ignotus Peverell


/ig, noh, tus/


  1. Ignotus Peverell is one of the legendary three Peverell brothers, celebrated in wizarding history for having received the Deathly Hallows. Ignotus was the youngest brother and the original possessor of the Cloak of Invisibility.

Ignotus Peverell Biography & History

Ignotus Peverell holds a revered place in the annals of wizarding history as the youngest of the three Peverell brothers, who are among the earliest recorded ancestors of the magical world. According to the fable recounted in “The Tales of Beedle the Bard,” Ignotus, along with his brothers Antioch and Cadmus, encountered Death on a solitary road. As the youngest brother, Ignotus received from Death the Cloak of Invisibility, a gift enabling its wearer to become invisible at will.

Unlike his brothers, Ignotus wisely used his gift to live a full and serene life, evading Death until he was old and ready to pass on. He left the Cloak of Invisibility to his descendants, ensuring its protection and the continuation of his legacy. The tale of Ignotus is often cited as an exemplar of wisdom and humility, demonstrating the virtue of living a life not dominated by the fear of death.

Ignotus Peverell’s legacy is most directly visible through the lineage of the Potter family, with the Cloak of Invisibility being passed down to Harry Potter, who played a pivotal role in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. The Cloak, one of the three Deathly Hallows, represents the idea that true wisdom lies in accepting one’s mortality.

Ignotus Peverell’s Magical Abilities & Skills

  • Wisdom and Humility: Ignotus’s choice of the Cloak of Invisibility from Death and how he used it reflect a deep wisdom and humility, traits that underscored his understanding of life and death.
  • Legacy and Lineage: His legacy includes not only the magical artifact he left behind but also a lineage that continued to impact wizarding history profoundly, culminating in the actions of his descendant, Harry Potter.

Ignotus Peverell References

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