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Corban Yaxley

Corban Yaxley

cor·ban yax·ley /ˈkɔːrbæn ˈjæksli/

Corban Yaxley is a wizard and a Death Eater who served Lord Voldemort. He held significant positions in the Ministry of Magic, particularly after Voldemort’s takeover.

Corban Yaxley Biography & History

Yaxley is a devoted follower of Voldemort, playing key roles in the Death Eaters’ activities, and eventually taking on a prominent position in the Ministry of Magic.

Early Life

Details about Yaxley’s early life and education are not well-known.

Death Eater Activities

As a Death Eater, Yaxley participated in numerous dark activities, supporting Voldemort’s cause to spread fear and enforce pure-blood supremacy.

Ministry Years

During Voldemort’s control over the Ministry of Magic, Yaxley was appointed to head the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, helping to enforce the Dark Lord’s oppressive laws.

Corban Yaxley’s Magical Abilities & Skills

Dark Arts

Yaxley’s proficiency in the Dark Arts allowed him to perform various dark spells and curses.

Leadership and Political Acumen

He demonstrated strong leadership in his role at the Ministry and his ability to navigate the political landscape.

People Close to Him

  • Lord Voldemort: Yaxley was a loyal Death Eater, serving Voldemort’s cause with dedication.
  • Other Death Eaters: Yaxley collaborated and conspired with fellow Death Eaters to carry out Voldemort’s orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What position did Corban Yaxley hold in the Ministry of Magic?

He headed the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after Voldemort’s takeover.

Was Corban Yaxley a Death Eater?

Yes, he was a committed member of the Death Eaters.

Famous Quotes

Yaxley’s dialogue in the series typically reflects his cold and calculating nature, though there are no specific quotes widely attributed to him.

Fun Trivia Questions About Corban Yaxley

Question: What was Corban Yaxley’s role in capturing Muggle-borns?
Answer: He played an active role in persecuting Muggle-borns during Voldemort’s control over the Ministry, enforcing laws that oppressed them.

Question: How did Corban Yaxley react to the news of Harry Potter’s break-in at Gringotts?

Answer: He was visibly alarmed and worried, understanding the significance of the event in the larger context of the war against Voldemort.

Question: Who did Corban Yaxley place under the Imperius Curse during the takeover of the Ministry?

Answer: Pius Thicknesse, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement before Yaxley.