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Arabella Figg

Arabella Figg

uh·ra·bel·luh fig /əˈræbɛlə fɪɡ/

Arabella Doreen Figg is a Squib who lives in Little Whinging and is known to keep a close eye on Harry Potter during his childhood on the orders of Albus Dumbledore.

Arabella Figg Biography & History

Arabella Figg resides in Little Whinging, Surrey, near the Dursleys’ residence. Though she appears to be a simple, eccentric old lady fond of cats, she holds a significant position in the larger wizarding world due to her surveillance of Harry.

Childhood and Early Life

Much of Mrs. Figg’s early life remains a mystery, but we know she is a Squib, which means she was born into a magical family but lacks magical abilities herself.

Keeping an Eye on Harry

Albus Dumbledore requested Arabella Figg to watch over Harry during his time with the Dursleys. She occasionally babysat Harry, though she deliberately made their time together dull to ensure the Dursleys kept sending him to her.

Connection with the Order of the Phoenix

Mrs. Figg is associated with the Order of the Phoenix. She testifies on Harry’s behalf during his hearing at the Ministry of Magic for the unauthorized use of magic.

Arabella Figg’s Characteristics

Observant: Tasked with monitoring Harry’s safety.
Caring: Genuinely concerned about Harry’s well-being.
Decisive: Doesn’t hesitate to support Harry when needed, as seen during his Ministry hearing.

People Close to Her

  • Albus Dumbledore: Entrusted her with the responsibility of watching over Harry.
  • Harry Potter: She kept a close eye on him during his childhood, acting as a guardian from the shadows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Arabella Figg a witch?

No, she is a Squib, meaning she was born into a magical family but doesn’t have magical abilities.

How did Arabella Figg help Harry?

She watched over him during his years at the Dursleys and later testified on his behalf at his Ministry hearing.

What pets is Mrs. Figg known for?

She is fond of cats and has several of them.

Famous Quotes

While Arabella Figg has a few lines in the series, she doesn’t have widely recognized iconic sayings. However, her testimony during Harry’s trial and her revelation about her true role in his life are memorable moments.

Fun Trivia Questions About Arabella Figg

Question: What is Arabella Figg’s relation to the magical world?
Answer: She is a Squib.

Question: Who asked Mrs. Figg to watch over Harry?

Answer: Albus Dumbledore.

Question: What did Mrs. Figg reveal during Harry’s hearing at the Ministry?

Answer: She witnessed the Dementor attack on Harry and Dudley and testified in Harry’s defense.