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Harry Potter Hair Accessories


Harry Potter Hair Accessory For Your Witch or Muggle

Aly Mac Bowtique introduces the new premier line of world of magic and Harry Potter Hair Accessories that will prove to be any young Witch or Muggles favorite magical hair accessory!

These bows can be as unique as your very own wand and can be completely customized to fit all your needs! Nothing is too big or too small! These beautiful bows come handmade by magic with premium materials elegantly crafted ribbon. Bows may have clay, bottle cap or felt centers and are always properly secured as to ensure the safety of your precious witch or muggle child.

Supplies: Designer Grosgrain Ribbon, Felt Accents, Silk and Chiffon Flowers with Rhinestones. This bow is known as an OTT or Over The Top Boutique Bow.

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Slytherin Bow, Gryffindor Bow, Hufflepuff Bow, Ravenclaw Bow

Does your little witch or muggle child want to show off their house spirit? Have you tried looking for something to add to their daily uniform but just couldn’t find the right accessory?

Well Aly Mac Bowtique has you covered with these stunning new Hogwarts house bows! No matter what house you are sorted into, there is a beautiful little bow to match! These are the perfect finishing touch to your little witch or muggle’s wardrobe! As always these little beauties were made with the finest materials and handmade with lots of love and mostly magic!

Supplies: High quality ribbon, bottle cap image and epoxy, alligator clips with teeth attached as well.

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