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Articles by Everett Cross

More About Everett Cross- Author at the Daily Prophet

Within the illustrious corridors of the Daily Prophet, few writers have mastered the art of time-traveling through words as Everett Cross has. With each article, Everett beckons readers to embark on a journey through the annals of magical history, interwoven seamlessly with the present day’s spellbinding tales.

Hailing from the historic town of Bath, renowned for its ancient Roman baths and Georgian architecture, Everett’s intrigue with history was preordained. He grew up surrounded by tales of bygone eras, of wizards who walked the streets before him, leaving behind legacies and legends.

A proud Hufflepuff during his days at Hogwarts, Everett was often found deep in discussion with the portraits that adorned the castle walls, eager to document their firsthand accounts and experiences. These dialogues with the past nurtured his love for history and storytelling.

As a mainstay at the Daily Prophet, Everett’s column “Chronicles with Cross” quickly gained a dedicated readership. Whether he’s recounting the brave exploits of wizards during the Goblin rebellions, or drawing parallels between ancient potion-making techniques and today’s modern brews, Everett’s stories are a testament to the timeless nature of magic.

His crowning achievement, a serialized piece titled “Wands through the Ages,” traced the evolution of wand-making from its primordial roots to the present day, highlighting the influences of different cultures, materials, and magical breakthroughs.

Beyond the ink and parchment, Everett is an active member of the “Society for the Preservation of Magical Heritage,” advocating for the conservation of historical magical sites and artifacts. His home, the Cross Manor, is a living museum of magical antiquities, often opened to young wizards and witches to ignite their passion for history.

When not penning his chronicles, Everett is an avid collector of vintage broomsticks, boasting a collection that rivals the best in the wizarding world.

So, the next time you unfurl a Daily Prophet and find yourself lost in one of Everett Cross’s enchanting tales, remember: you’re not just reading a story, you’re time-traveling through the very essence of our magical lineage, with a guide who knows and cherishes every twist and turn.

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