Month: November 2018

Dragon Loose Over London

Dragon Loose Over London Dragon spotted by several muggles over London. The dragon, a Norwegian Ridgeback, was seen over Camden Town at approximately six fifteen pm this Friday night. The Ridgeback shot fire into the air in a display of anger before it flew into the air, scaring the surrounding muggles. The...


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St. Mungos Hospital Opens Ward in Honor of Remus Lupin

St. Mungos Hospital Opens Ward in Honor of Remus Lupin There was a palpable excitement in the air Saturday morning as an enormous crowd huddled outside of St. Mungo’s Hospital amidst the torrential downpour and gusting wind. Despite Mother Nature’s wrath on this bleak November morning, the brave...

Full Moon, Lunar Cycles, Remus Lupin, St. Mungo's, Teddy Lupin, Werewolves

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Quidditch Player Taken Into Custody for Cursing Muggleborn

Quidditch Player Taken Into Custody for Cursing Muggleborn English Team Quidditch player has been arrested for using the Imperius Curse on a Muggleborn wizard. Reginald Thornbush, a senior English Quidditch player who has played for the past several years has been accused of using the Unforgivable...

Aurors, Azkaban, Diagon Alley, Floo Network, Leaky Cauldron, Muggleborns, Quidditch, Sports, Wizards

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