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Buy Authentic Harry Potter Wands


    Looking to Buy an Authentic Harry Potter Inspired Wand?

    Pick your House! Pick your size! Wands ready! Now give one of these (Hogwarts inspired) Master Wands a whirl! Note at how every wand is different, and the level of detail is always high. Every wand made is crafted patiently by hand. They are all, sanded, painted, with much attention to detail, then lacquered, giving them the perfect, smooth to the touch, finish. Also note that Master Wands are made with a bamboo core, which makes them durable, slightly flexible and very light weight, making them easy to sheath.

    Note: The Daily Prophet hereby acknowledges Wandforest as a certified seller of wands in The world of magic

    Wandforest on Etsy

    (112 Reviews)

    Price: $19.00+

    Features: Hand Made
    Materials: Glue, Acrylics, Lacquer 
    Wand Length: 10 – 15 inches
    Accessories: Holster Option
    Exchange Policy: Contact within 14 days of delivery

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