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Harry Potter Costumes

Do you dream of donning robes and rushing through the corridors of Hogwarts? Or perhaps practicing your Quidditch moves in genuine Seeker style? Maybe you’ve got a flair for the dark and mysterious, eyeing a Death Eater ensemble or a Bellatrix braid? 

You’re in the right nook of the wizarding web! Our Harry Potter costumes are so authentic, even Mrs. Weasley might believe she knitted them herself. From the twinkling tip of Dumbledore’s hat to the tattered hem of a house-elf’s pillowcase, we’ve got it all.

Prepare to be the most spellbinding presence at your next gathering (and we don’t mean just summoning Butterbeer)! Dive into our magical wardrobe and let the costume-choosing ceremony begin! 

Disclaimer: No actual magic included. But with these outfits, who needs it?

Harry Potter Costumes

Ah, the allure of the wizarding world! Where every nook and cranny holds a spell, a secret, or a captivating story. But why merely read about it when you can be a part of it? Harry Potter costumes are more than just garments; they’re your ticket to an enchanted realm, a tangible piece of magic that transports you straight to Hogwarts’ hallowed halls or the mysterious alleys of Diagon Lane.

Whether you’re aiming to embody the courage of Harry, the brilliance of Hermione, or the mischief of the Weasley twins, there’s a magical ensemble waiting just for you. This is your chance to relive the magic, to truly become a part of the tale that has enchanted millions. So, why wait? Grab your wand, don your robes, and let your magical journey begin!

Harry Potter Costume for Men

Harry Potter Costume for Boys

Harry Potter Costume for Babys

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Hermione Granger Costumes

Harry Potter Boy Costumes

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More Harry Potter Character Costumes

Every Harry Potter fan knows the thrill of spotting the lightning-bolt scar or the recognizable glasses of our hero. But true aficionados recognize that the magic lies not just with the trio but in the tapestry of characters that weave the series to perfection.

Ever imagined commanding respect in Dumbledore’s flowing robes or seeing the world through the eccentric lens of Professor Trelawney’s glasses? Perhaps you’ve felt the urge to carry a pink umbrella, just like our beloved Hagrid, or to exhibit the stern elegance of Professor McGonagall? For those a tad more adventurous, what about stepping into the shoes (or lack thereof) of Dobby the House Elf or taking wing with a Hedwig Owl ensemble?

With our curated collection of character costumes, you can delve deeper into the wizarding world, embodying not just its heroes but its unsung stars. After all, why be merely magical when you can be magnificently magical?

Dumbledore Costume

Hagrid Costume

Adult Hedwig Costume

Kids Hedwig Owl Costume

Professor Trelawney Costume

Dobby the House Elf Costume

Bellatrix Lestrange Costume

Sirius Black Costume

Tom Riddle/ Voldemort Costume

Patronus Ugly Sweater Costume

Severus Snape Costume

Professor McGonagall Costume

Newt Scamander Costume

Fleur Delacour Costume

Herbology Costume

Newt Scamander Adult Costume

Luna Lovegood Costume

Professor McGonagall Costume

Harry Potter Costume Accessories

In the intricate world of wizardry, sometimes it’s the smallest details that cast the most potent spells. A snitch clasped in hand, a Time-Turner dangling from the neck, or a Marauder’s Map peeking from a pocket can transform an ordinary Muggle into a denizen of the magical realm. Our array of Harry Potter costume accessories is just what you need to sprinkle that final touch of enchantment to your ensemble.

Whether you’re seeking Luna’s iconic radish earrings, a Horcrux locket, or even your very own extendable ear, we’ve gathered every trinket and treasure from the series to elevate your look. So, before you head out to that next magical gathering or enchanted ball, remember: it’s often the smallest touch that leaves the grandest impression. Add a flourish of Hogwarts charm and let your accessories do the spellbinding!

Luna Lovegood Glasses

Questions & Answers About Harry Potter Costumes

By Merlin’s beard! Are these Harry Potter costumes charmed?

Ah, dear reader! While these costumes capture the enchanting essence of our world, they are not imbued with actual magical properties. They are, however, crafted with such skill that Muggles may mistake you for a genuine wizard or witch!

Which Houses can I represent with these robes?

Ah, young seeker of knowledge! You can proudly display the colours and crests of all four Hogwarts Houses: valiant Gryffindor, wise Ravenclaw, loyal Hufflepuff, and cunning Slytherin. Stand tall and wear your House pride!

Will I be able to fly if I wear the Quidditch robes?

Bewitching question! But alas, these Quidditch robes are for the aesthetic charm only. One would need a genuine Nimbus or Firebolt for any mid-air antics. Remember, always fly responsibly!

Do you have costumes of creatures, like house-elves or thestral?

By Hagrid’s beard! We certainly do. From the elusive thestral to the loyal house-elf, our collection ensures that both wizards and magical creatures are represented. Just remember, no elf-made wine if you’re dressing as Dobby!

Does the Sorting Hat costume allow me to sort people into Houses?

A delightful notion! The Sorting Hat costume is infused with the spirit of Hogwarts, but it cannot tap into the deep, enchanted consciousness of the genuine Sorting Hat. However, it may grant you the power to make some well-educated guesses!

What about costumes of our favourite professors or notable wizards and witches?

Fear not, apprentice of fashion! From the whimsical Luna Lovegood spectrespecs to Professor McGonagall’s stern hat, we’ve got garments and accessories for many of your beloved characters. Transform yourself and feel the magic!

Are these costumes resistant to hexes, curses, and jinxes?

A prudent inquiry! As charming as our outfits may appear, they do not hold protective charms against the Dark Arts or any other spells. It’s always best to keep one’s wand handy, just in case.

How do I care for my costume? Can I use a cleaning charm?

While a quick “Scourgify” might be tempting, these costumes are best maintained with Muggle methods. Check the label for care instructions. Some ancient textiles are sensitive to even the most basic of spells!

Is it safe to wear these costumes near open flames, like in the Great Hall’s floating candles?

Caution, dear wizard! These costumes are not fireproof. It’s best to keep a safe distance from flames, dragons, or any Weasley products you’re unsure about.

Remember, fellow witches and wizards, always costume responsibly and let your magical aura shine!