What Daily Column Are You “Most Likely” To Write For?

Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?

Which Patronus would you chose to be yours?

What is your favorite color?

What is your ideal wand made of?

If you could have one of the deathly hallows, which would it be?

Which Harry Potter movie was your favorite?

Between The Following Numbers, Which Is Your Favorite

What Daily Column Are You "Most Likely" To Write For?
Dark Arts

You love the Dark Arts! When you attended your school of witch craft and wizardry you excelled beyond most of your class mates in nefarious charms and potions.
Everything Muggles
You are fascinated by the underdeveloped muggle society and would be an excellent contributor for topics surrounding the use of non-magical devices and items.
Magical Creatures
You live to learn and apply your knowledge regarding magical creatures! Dragons and half-horse men have always peaked your interests.
You would make an excellent writer for our potions column! You probably are or knew the half-blood prince personally.
World Wizarding News
You have a general understanding and knack for the Wizarding World and it's happenings. You would be suited to write short columns about almost anything.


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