Shadows In Cork To Blame For Deaths?

This week an ominous shadow has been spotted in Cork, Ireland on two separate occasions. Eyewitnesses report that the curious cloud appeared suddenly, with no obvious cause, over the home of one Mattius J. Brown. Mr. Brown was found dead in his home two days later, no obvious signs of foul play. Cork's Coroner Michael Hudson wrote in Mr. Browns examination report “Decedent appears to be in perfect health, other than being dead of course.”

The day the body of Mr. Brown was found by a relative, the shadow appeared again this time over the home of Mr. Kevin Jordan who was reported this morning as deceased by his wife. “He fell asleep listening to the wireless last night in his chair, so I just let him sleep there. He has always been so difficult to wake up, I thought it would be best, but this morning he.... he was gone.” She was unable to comment further as she was overcome with emotion.

Aurors and officials from the Department of Mysteries are working tirelessly to determine the origin of this shadow. Who conjured it? What kind of powers does it truly have? Will more people die? Officials are warning residents of Cork to leave the area immediately if the shadow appears again, and to notify them right away. They are unsure if this shadow will appear in other neighborhoods as well. Everyone is encouraged to stay alert.

More on this, as it develops.

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