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New addition to Potter Wizarding Family

New addition to the Potter wizarding family?

The famous boy who lived Harry Potter and his family were recently spotted at Diagon alley buying supplies for the upcoming school year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Staying out of the spotlight since the demise of “he who must not be named,” Potter has stepped back into the spotlight with what looks like a new addition to his family.

Potter’s three young children who are ever-present with their mother Ginevra Potter, formerly Wesley, was shown with another child accompanying the family through the various shops. The child looks to be about the age of a normal first year but wears muggle clothes as opposed to wizarding robes,

When asked about the child Potter scratched his neck awkwardly and muttered something about a cousin before he was interrupted by his wife.

Ginevra Potter was also asked about the girl accompanying the family and responded in a heated tone saying, “If it will satisfy you vultures to know, Crocus Dursley is Harry’s younger cousin.” She then took the girls hand and guided her family away from the reporters.

I later found the young Ms. Dursley shopping and proceeded to question her about her connection to the Potter family.

Crocus Dursley is a short and slightly overweight girl with large brown eyes and sandy blond hair, she has shown to have a shy personality and it has been reveled that she comes from a muggle family. Crocus Dursley recently turned 12 years of age this last October and is expected to attend her first year of Hogwarts shortly.

Watching closely it is evident that the girl has very little knowledge of the wizarding world, proving that she in fact a muggle-born Wizard.

Not much is known at this time about Crocus Dursley or her direct connection to the Potter family, we can only hope that more about this interesting development will be revealed in the upcoming months as Crocus goes through her first Hogwarts experience.

More on this development will come out once we have more information on Crocus and the mysterious muggle family of the Dursleys.

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