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Muggle Family of 5 Dead Near Diagon Alley

Muggle Family of 5 Dead Near Diagon Alley

A muggle family of five was found murdered along Diagon Alley.

No one knows how they got here or how they died but we do know that they were bearing the mark of Gryffindor on their foreheads.

Now Gryffindor Students are now being inspected by the ministry.

Tom Mardie the eyewitness says “It’s a horror… I was simply passing by when I noticed them both dead, the mother clutching the twins and the father besides the 5-year-old daughter.”

The twins were just 5 months old, according to another witness.

What happened to these unfortunate muggles? What went wrong? Why these muggles? Will there be a new Voldemort?

Stay tuned and be safe!

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