Dear Daphne: To Empty Nester

A Daily Prophet Reader Asks:

Daphne! It’s so difficult to figure out what your adult wizard needs from you now that they are all grown! Perhaps you have some words of wisdom? Thank you!

Dear Empty Nester,

As a young adult myself, I think you've come to exactly the right place. Less than six months ago I moved out of my parents house and into a life of my own. It's been difficult and trying, and I know that my mum feels a bit like you do. So I will tell you what I have told her many times over.

The biggest thing that young adult wizards need from their families is support, and I don't mean monetarily. Though my parents have helped bail me out of a few small situations -my vehicle lost heat during the coldest documented weather in my area in generations- we want to prove to our family that we can do this. The emotional support my parents have provided me has given me the space and the strength that I need to spread my wings and grow into my own person. Their faith and belief in me inspires me to try harder, to keep working towards my goals even on my hardest days. The world we live in is so quick to judge us, and knowing without a doubt that my family has my back is the greatest gift that they could ever give to me.



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