Great weekend of quidditch was had as Ravenclaw and Slytherin opened up the season! Some truly inspiring flying and goalkeeping! Find more updates here




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A Day in the Life of a Dragon Tamer: An Interview with Charlie Weasley

The Daily Prophet
A Day in the Life of a Dragon Tamer: An Interview with Charlie Weasley By:Fantasma Starr With long wavy hair as red as the fire breathed from the d…

Are Death Eaters still around?

The Daily Prophet
I’m here today to tell you about a shocking discovery I have made! After reading an article from the Daily Prophet itself I have been investi…

Rita Skeeter at it Again

Eudora Rosenberg
Our world isn’t as secret as we thought! Ex-journalist Rita Skeeter is at it again spreading rumors where ever she goes. Expect this time we could …

Pumpkin Frappuccino

Aurora Andriyenko
Hello! I am Aurora Andriyenko, a half-blood, and a third-year Hogwarts student, and I would like to share this muggle drink recipe called the “ Pum…

New addition to the Potter wizarding family?

Tansy Rubble
The famous boy who lived Harry Potter and his family were recently spotted at Diagon alley buying supplies for the upcoming school year at Hogwarts…

Muggles Overcoming Covid-19

Ivy Sprout
After the outbreak of the hectic and mysterious new creature, or as it’s called “Covid-19”, muggles have been making a new comeba…

Christmas Parade in Muggle Cities!

Ivy Sprout
After 2 YEARS of being quarantined since the “covid-19” outbreak, muggles from all over the WORLD comes together to celebrate their ann…

Muggle Family of 5 Dead Near Diagon Alley

Hagami lane Riddle Shukran
A muggle family of five was found murdered along Diagon Alley. No one knows how they got here or how they died but we do know that they were bearin…

How to make Molly Weasley’s Butterbeer

The Daily Prophet
Ingredients Required: 1 cup light brown sugar 4 tablespoons butter 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon vinegar 3/4 cup heav…

Death Eaters Return

The Daily Prophet
A shocking sight at the 567th British Quddich championship game. One hour into The Cuddle Cannon v Appleberry arrows match, with a score of 60 -20 …

Dolores Umbridge Breaks Out of Azkaban

Wulfric Twain
Dolores Jane Umbridge, who has once been hired for the position of High Inquisitor and then as Headmaster, has escaped from Azkaban, writes Wulfric…

James and Lily Potter’s Proposal

The Daily Prophet
Remus opened his eyes as pain rushed all over his body after the full moon was over.  ‘That was a bad one’ he thought to himself as he got to his f…

Fight Emerges at Hogwarts

Daniel Robinson
Samuel Logan, 17, and Victor Smith, 15, have just had a very big fight in which lots of students have been injured. One of the students, Paul Black…

WK Quidditch in Ireland

Fabiolus Murtassus
The Quidditch World Cup will be held in Ireland this year! The final will be held at the Dublin Arena. We asked a few people what they thought of i…

Dark Mark Appears Once Again!

Saraquel Gantaes
The furious battle between two of the greatest wizards in history ended with a closing script on the dark mark but has it appeared again? “I …

Dragons to be guards of Wizarding Azkaban Prison

Fay Tang
After the battle of Hogwarts, Dementors were officially removed as guards from the Wizarding Prison, Azkaban. As the accused(s) (meaning prisoners&…

Second Elder Wand: Beginning of another end or end of apoclypse?

The Daily Prophet
The wand found in the recently discovered chamber of Godric Gryffindor is indeed the brother of the elder wand. Although the ministry has been tryi…

The 2021-2022 Quidditch Season Preview

The Daily Prophet
They are coming… and by they the Daily Prophet means the new Quidditch season. The British and Irish Quidditch League begins to ramp up. This…

The chosen one chosen again.

Ginny Guerin
The famous Triwizard tournament is happening in Hogwarts again! On the 24 of February, not three, but four champions have been chosen to participat…

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