Month: February 2019

Dear Daphne: To Empty Nester

Dear Daphne: To Empty Nester A Daily Prophet Reader Asks: Daphne! It’s so difficult to figure out what your adult wizard needs from you now that they are all grown! Perhaps you have some words of wisdom? Thank you! Dear Empty Nester, As a young adult myself, I think you’ve come to exactly...


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Quidditch Chaos

Quidditch Chaos Quidditch has always been our communities past time, we all grew up playing in our neighborhoods, and we cheered on our house teams at school, but when does being a fan go from healthy to hazardous? Security wizards were deployed in attempts to contain a brawl that broke out this...


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Quidditch Players Pitch In

Quidditch Players Pitch In Ginny Weasley, long time quidditch player for the HolyHead Harpies has announced that the quidditch club will be donating the brooms that they have been flying on this season to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the schools brooms are notoriously noted as...


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